The Value of Business Cards in a Digital Age

8th October 2018

The importance of business cards in an increasingly digital age is often questioned. Some swear by them, while others regard them as obsolete and an unnecessary piece of tat.

With the online presence of businesses becoming increasingly important, and more and more digital marketing campaigns proving their worth, it’s easy to forget about these tried and tested props. Here at Print and Digital, we’re taking a look at some of the ways in which business cards are still relevant today.

Making an impression

Image of four people fist bumping after a successful business meeting

Yes, you might be at the top of Google for a number of your keywords and have a whole host of 5 star reviews to point to, but how are prospective customers to trust you if all you do is email each other? Meeting people face-to-face is incredibly important if you’re hoping to get their business, and business cards play a crucial role in that interaction.

Provided you make a good impression when you meet with that prospective customer, your business card provides an actual physical link to that meeting. If someone can look at your business card and be reminded about the professionalism with which you approached them, chances are you’re going to be picking up the phone a lot more. Does an email have the same impact? Arguably not. It’s surrounded by other emails from other seemingly wonderful businesses, all of whom have promised the world.


Image of a man holding up a blank business card to the camera

Regardless of your views on them, it’s impossible to deny that business cards are still very much in circulation. With that comes the expectation that any given business should have one to hand, so imagine that awkward downward glance as you admit that, no, you don’t have a card. Writing your number on a scrap of paper simply doesn’t give off the same impression of professionalism as reaching into your pocket for your business card does.

Another avenue

Image of a book next to an ipad, emphasising the difference between technology and traditional methods

Sure, you might have a successful digital marketing campaign that brings in lots of money for you, but what about the potential customers you’re missing out on who aren’t that clued-up when it comes to their phones and laptops? There are plenty out there who, for one reason or another, don’t really spend much time online. Well guess what, they can still give you their business!

You need multiple avenues if you’re going to push your brand out there. It’s not good just being online – there are simply some people for whom business cards are the only way. People might argue that’s old fashioned, but does it matter if it means getting their business? Arguably not.

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