Top Tips for An Eye-Catching Poster Design

14th March 2017

Using a poster is a great way of advertising your business or an event, and an eye-catching poster design is a powerful way of reaching your target audience. It’s cost effective and easy to do, as Print & Digital can print yours on the same day. But how do you create the perfect poster that balances an attention-grabbing design with the enough information? We look at what factors you need to consider:


It’s important to use a bold and eye-catching image that entices a passerby to stop and take notice. Try to use a single image rather than several smaller images as this can clutter the page, making it look messy. Remember to use a high-quality and high-resolution image to create a professional and well-designed poster or it could look cheap and unappealing.


An effective poster design utilises its information well and displays it in a readable design. Try to think of the main points you want the reader to know – this might be the date, location and the name. Avoid using too much information on the poster as people won’t take the time to read it.


The use of colour is the most important aspect of any poster design. Research what colours relate to your industry as this will attract the right audience. Try to use striking and bold colours if your event is a club night or if it’s children-related then bright multi-colours work well. Pastels are great for female-orientated events or market stalls.

Call To Action

It’s important to let your audience know what they need to do, do they need to visit your gallery or buy a ticket to your event? Make it clear and let them know. Try not to clutter the page with different actions, make it simple to read and don’t forget to add your social media channels on it!

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