Bringing Posters into Your Home

29th August 2018

Looking for a way to brighten or liven up your home a little? Posters can be a great option, but you shouldn’t just litter your walls with blu-tac and expect everything to look good. Here are a few useful pointers for anyone in need of some direction.

Frame it

If you’re in any doubt about whether a poster will work in your home, we advise that you frame it. It’s not a particularly hard one to figure out, either. Logically, a picture with a nice frame around it should look better than a piece of paper on the wall. Provided you get the right frame for both the poster and the overall theme of your room, you can turn a relatively inexpensive purchase into a work of art.

Think colour

If there isn’t a specific poster you’ve got in mind, you might just be looking to add something to the overall look and feel of your home. If that’s the case, it’s worth taking a minute to consider which colours are going to work. For example, if your general theme (furniture, walls, etc) is quite pastel-based, we’d advise against you opting for bright, dark colours in your posters.

Start small

We’re not talking about poster size here, we’re saying it’s best not to buy 10 posters at once and litter your house with the things. Start buying individual pieces that catch your eye, and that way you can almost feel your way into the bigger picture. Making your home look better isn’t something that you can expect to nail straight away, so give yourself a chance.

Go deeper

Sure, you could just opt for your favourite band’s album cover, but why not choose something that has a deeper meaning? It doesn’t have to be totally cryptic – it could just be a symbolic plant or animal, or even just be the work of an artist you admire. Ultimately, most people choose the posters they like the look of, but it’s worth considering a slightly more multidimensional approach if that appeals.

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