Why Poster Designs Are Such An Effective Form Of Advertising

3rd October 2017

Before the days of television adverts and on-screen pop-ups, building walls and shop windows would be plastered with posters and flyers with budding businessmen and women trying to flog their services. As we evolved into an era of multimedia advertising, however, posters and flyers still remain as prevalent as they did decades ago. With millions of pounds and dollars thrown into new forms of advertising each and every year, why is there still room for the good, old-fashioned poster design? Print and Digital explain why they are, and always will be, a permanent fixture in any advertising companies plans.

Mass Readership

The main premise of a posters’ design is to grab the attention of as many people as possible. As posters can stretch to the size of billboards, it is easy to see why advertisers opt for this method more often than not. In a recent study which looked into people’s attention while in the car, it was found that 72 percent of participants visited a shop or company as a result of seeing a billboard advert, and another 68 percent decided to visit that shop as part of that journey. When debating the effectiveness of poster designs and their influence, these findings present a compelling argument for sticking with the methods of yesteryear.

Cultural Relevance

The reputation of posters also lays a pivotal part in their level of effectiveness. Poster designs have been synonymous with some of the most iconic and landmark moments in history; ‘Your country needs you’, ‘We can do it’ and ‘Keep calm and carry on’ to name but a few. The fact of the matter is that posters have always played a part in shaping our decisions and our opinions, and that can still be seen in recent times. A hallmark of Barack Obama’s 2008 election campaign was his notorious ‘Hope’ poster; an image which stayed with the President throughout his tenure. Overall, poster designs act as a concise and memorable form of advertising, one which should always be considered by advertising and marketing companies.

Cost Effective

Although posters can be produced on a grand scale, they are also a cheap and effective way for small businesses to grow their brand. Compared to TV airtime and advert places in newspapers and magazines, poster designs are easy to produce and can be plastered all over a town without leaving a gaping hole in your budget. When weighing up the pros and cons of investing in good, high-quality posters, the revenue posters will generate largely outweigh the cost of producing them.

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