Office Stationery Essentials – How to Equip Your Workplace to Encourage Team Collaboration

3rd May 2017

In many workplaces, the need for collaboration between employees is integral to creating an environment that is dynamic, enthusiastic, and productive; encouraging employees to go above and beyond their job expectations to successfully complete the task at hand. Your office stationery selections can absolutely help to promote this positive workplace outlook – if chosen correctly, you can effectively equip your office with all the necessary tools to encourage employee collaboration throughout the office!

Below, Print and Digital have offered three key office stationery essentials to help get your office prepared for further employee collaboration.

Whiteboard (and pens!)

Getting your employees to move away from their desk is always an effective way to get the creative juices flowing whilst promoting a sense of dynamism in the office. Whiteboards are a fantastic way to achieve this feeling, as they can be transported anywhere and utilised within company quizzes, brainstorms, or meetings – anything you require your employees to participate in, away from the monitors, can employ the use of whiteboards. You won’t have to break the bank to purchase the whiteboards either, as they’re widely available at relatively inexpensive prices.

Post-it Notes

They may seem like a colourful nuisance that do nothing but clutter the office monitors up, but there is something to be said for the usefulness of post-it notes. If you can’t get hold of a colleague, instead of typing out a long email, why not just attach a post-it to their monitor, asking them to get in contact or to speak at a certain time? Team collaboration is all about streamlining tasks and encouraging constant communication, and post-it notes can help to realise this within the workplace.

Business cards

Although business cards may not initially seem like an essential piece of office stationery, there are in fact a myriad of benefits to offering your team business cards. Whilst out of the office on business, getting your team to carry around business cards creates a harmonious sense of brand augmentation, making your team feel like delegates representing your company no matter their destination. Entrusting your employees with a business card will make them feel wholly responsible for their work and the way they present themselves to others in the industry. Business cards can also help your employees network easily and thus perhaps lead to team expansion in the future.

Print and Digital can produce a number of bespoke printed office stationery items, such as business cards, letterheads, and more, allowing you to transform your office and consolidate your branding with your equipment, making you look all the more professional. If you’d like to speak to a member of the Print and Digital team today, do not hesitate to contact our store by calling 01543 415860 or filling out our contact form.