What Makes a Great Logo?

9th May 2018

Printing is one thing, but what if you’ve not got anything good enough to print? It’s essential with any form of marketing, especially the kind that’s printed on paper, to design something that’s going to stand out.
No part of the marketing process is as emblematic of this necessity as the company logo. If you’re just starting out and are looking for some inspiration, then this piece is the one for you!

Stand out

Number one on our list is the easiest to think of, but the hardest to teach. Hopefully, our next few points will go some to expanding on this point, but it’s worth reinforcing the importance of standing out nonetheless. Essentially, you need to be noticed. There are a huge number of ways of getting noticed, but not all of them are effective or to be encouraged. Our next few points will take you through some different techniques that should, hopefully, help you get noticed for all the right reasons.

Think colour

It’s often said that colour draws the eye a lot more than words or images. Specific colours are also said to evoke certain emotions, so consider what sort of reaction you’re hoping people will have to your logo. Red, for example, is said to be the colour of power, while green is associated with nature and health. Think about how you want people to feel when they see your logo, and that will go a long way to deciding your colour scheme for you.

Keep it on brand

What’s the branding you’re trying to achieve with your company? You should have a pretty clear idea about this (and if you don’t, you really ought to get thinking), so make it clear to everyone else through your logo. Think about it, you wouldn’t use extravagant fonts and brightly-coloured shapes for a professional, serious company, nor would you necessarily omit these features from a children’s party planning company logo. Branding is all about tone; once you’ve got your desired tone figured out, it shouldn’t be too hard to achieve the branding you want.

Always ask why

The key with any of this is to always ask, “why”? If you’ve made a decision, be it the colour, the shape, or the font, you need to be able to explain why you’ve done that. Sure, no-one’s going to quiz you on it, but as long as you can justify it to yourself you’ve probably done the right thing.

Finally, keep it simple!

After all this, we’re going to tell you something that sort of contradicts the many nuggets of advice we’ve given you so far. Keep it simple. No matter what you do, don’t overcomplicate anything. Too many fonts, shapes, or different colours can make it impossible for your logo to be noticed, and we know that’s no good!
Hopefully this piece has given you something of an idea about designing a suitable logo. Now, it’s over to you for that added creative spark and original thought. There’s only so much you can read up on when it comes to this kind of topic, so we suggest getting out there and designing!