Why Leafleting Is Better Than Any Other Form of Advertising

10th July 2017

Contrary to the trend of digitalization in the modern age, it seems as though the tried and tested route of leafleting has come out on top. Although a hoard of pamphlets may be the last thing you wish to see when you have just returned from your holiday, there does seem to be some form of method behind the madness.


Despite an extensive list of digital marketing techniques and the rapid growth of social media at the disposal of advertisers, research from the Digital Marketing Association (DMA) suggests that leafleting is more effective than any other method.


It seems as though we have become immune to the good ol’ TV advert, as the statistics reveal that 62 percent of viewers take no notice of the adverts on our screen. The same can be said for publication printing, with as many of 81 percent of readers simply flicking past adverts.


So how do these stats compare to leafleting?


Almost four-fifths of recipients either keep, pass on or glance over a leaflet, and a third of people keep and use leaflets with ‘money-off’ coupons attached. Money off leaflets seem to be the most effective, with almost half of recipients visiting the shop responsible for the flyer.


There is also a notable difference in how long these leaflets are kept between those with coupons and those without. 38 percent of bog-standard coupons are kept for a few days, and only 13 percent are kept for over a week. This changes completely when a coupon or voucher is attached to the leaflet, with these sorts of flyers being hoarded for over a week by half of the recipients.


Due to the competitiveness surrounding the housing market today, the age and demographic of homeowners are likely to be over 30. Therefore, leafleting can be seen as the more effective method of advertising.


When compared to the millennial generation, social media is the most effective and responsive route for advertisers to follow. To put it simply, homeowners are more likely to be influenced by leafleting, and those below the age of 30, who are less likely to own a house, should be targeted via social media.


If your organisation and its target demographic creeps above the 30 mark, do not rule out promoting your services or your latest product with a flyer, accompanied with a discount coupon.


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