The Greatest Movie Posters Of All Time

7th November 2017

Plastering a poster over a gigantic billboard is the truest form of advertising and marketing. Before the days of social media campaigns and elongated TV adverts, the only way people would find out about the latest blockbuster was through the medium of posters and billboards. In homage to this era of classic movie posters, film companies have now turned back to this form of advertising to help promote their latest picture. Analysing posters from years gone by, as well as some of the most recent films, Print & Digital have collated a list of the most iconic movie posters of all time.


Jaws – 1975



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Arguably one of the most famous and iconic movie posters ever, Steven Spielberg’s shark-attack thriller is a film synonymous with the horror movie genre. The inspiration for this poster was drawn from the front cover of the Novel, and was designed by the same artist, Roger Kastel. Although this poster possesses an air of simplicity, the poster actually took 6 months to be designed, with the principal of ‘The Seiniger Advertising,’ Tony Seiniger, revealing that: “no matter what we did, it didn’t look scary enough.” Despite taking 6 months, the poster eventually achieved the intended level of fear and horror the advertisers were searching for.


Pulp Fiction – 1994



As well as being one of the greatest films of the modern generation, Pulp Fiction also boasts one of the best movie posters of all time. Featuring the unmistakeable Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace, this poster translates the sexiness and moodiness of the film onto the billboard. Reminiscent of a magazine front cover, this movie poster tarnished the stereotype of the typical film advertisement and set its own list of rules in typical Tarantino fashion.


The Shining – 1980



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The hallmark of any great movie poster is the ability to summarise a whole film in one, single image, and that is exactly what the poster for The Shining does. Without a doubt one of the most epochal images from the whole of the horror genre, the task for creating a poster for this Stephen King adaptation must have been relatively straightforward.


Goldfinger – 1964



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Capturing all the glitz, glamour and action of a Bond movie in one poster is no easy feat, but that’s exactly what the promotional poster for Goldfinger does. Featuring the suave Sean Connery, the trademark pistol and the damsel in distress, Goldfinger takes its place as one of the most unforgettable James Bond movie posters from a collection of other classy and significant billboard images.


E.T – 1982



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It seems to be a hallmark of all Steven Spielberg films to feature an iconic movie poster, and E.T follows this trend. We have already spoken about how summarising the film in one image is the key to creating a memorable poster, and the flying/cycling scene from this fantasy-flick captures the essence of E.T in a single shot. Not only does this shot make for a beautiful movie poster, but it is also responsible for one of the most awe-inspiring film sequences ever.


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